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SAVE Up To 40% On Prime Location Property in Kuala Lumpur, Ampang, Damansara, Cheras, Johor Bahru etc


SAVE Up To 40% On Prime Location Property in Kuala Lumpur, Kajang, Sungai Buloh, Shah Alam, Johor Bahru etc


SAVE Up To 40% On Prime Location Property in Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Subang, Puchong, Johor Bahru etc

Welcome to Property Below Market Value

Need a little help to start investing in property, or looking to grow your property portfolio? We are specialists in “Below Market Value Property“, which included (1) Auction Property (2) Bulk Purchase Property (up to 40% discount)

What is Bulk Purchase Property? Click here to read more.


0% ZERO Down Payment*

It's so easy

Owning a property is so easy, yet no down payment needed.

That incredible offer can change anytime, don’t be late.


Below Market Value (up to 40%)

Rare Opportunity

Pandemic cause massive price drops, dozens of properties below market value awaits you.

Great opportunities don’t happen every year, why wait?


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Unbelievable Offer

Get Cash Back on the selected property.

Cash is king? Use it for renovation, monthly repayment, or other investments …


Properties Market

In 2021, 139,754 units of assets (real estate) with a value of RM62.01 billion were sold. This represents 32.1% growth in total value and 21.0% growth in total volume*.

*2020 vs 2021

Units Properties Sold (2021)


Total Value Growth (2020 vs 2021)


Total Volume Growth (2020 vs 2021)

We Specialize in Below Market Value Property Investment

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Easy Way to Invest in Property


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Below Market Value Properties




We offer a comprehensive range of services covering property investment advice, financial (loan application etc), assessment, legal advice etc.


Buying an auctioned property can be a wise investing choice as this property can be obtained at a fair or below market value. Let’s bid now!


Buying properties on a developer discount? Let us secure a property bulk purchase deal and sell each unit for up to 40% below the market value. 


Looking for property investment advice to develop your portfolio? Come to our talk on property investment in Klang Valley or Johor Bahru to discover insider secrets.


This is a rare opportunity to visit various property construction sites / showrooms in a guided luxury bus and overnight in a 4/5-star hotel.  #Limited seats


Free weekly webinar on property investment (contact us for the latest schedule). We will share news, tips, advice and the latest bulk purchase information.


Get the latest information about property investment, investment ideas / strategies, and market trends to help you make investment decisions.

Quick ANswers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a below market value property?

Property that sells for less than its true value in the open market is referred to as Below Market Value Property (Real Estate).

Generally, there are two types of below market value properties:

1. Auction Property
2. Bulk Purchase Property

What is a "Bulk Purchase" property?

Bulk purchasing (or Group buying) is basically a group of property investors that group together to take advantage of huge group discounts from the developer. For example: an apartment costs RM400,000, when you have 10 friends to buy together, you can negotiate with the developer for a cheaper price (below market value), for example: RM320.000.

Let us handle this. We will negotiate a bulk purchase deal and then sell each unit to our investors as much as 40% below market value.

How do you find a below market value property?

Finding and investing in properties below market value is an excellent way to instantly generate profits. However, it is not easy to find real below market value property.

Don’t worry, instead of joining an investment club, now, you can take advantage of our exclusive complimentary service. Please contact us about how to join our premium investors group (a risk-free and completely free group).

Why is your company offering this exclusive service completely free for investors?

This is a good question.
We have more than 300 consultants and very large client database, we are in a better position to negotiate for a better discounts. We can easily match any investment club offer (mostly – best offer), and at the same time, pay the commission to our consultant and still make a profit.

In other words, it’s a win-win situation, where you (an investor) get a better bargain, and we get our profits too.

What are the benefits of buying a below market value property?

When you buy less than market value, you immediately protect yourself against a drop in the general property market. If you had paid the market value at the time of your investment, any fall in value would translate into a loss.

There is no doubt that buying a property at less than market value gives you an immediate profit on paper. And if you sold at market value quickly, you would receive a good return on investment.

Do I have to pay a fee to buy a property below market value?

No. Unlike investment club (which you have to join), we do not charge any fees.

You may subscribe to our newsletter, the FB group or the Premium WhatsApp group for the latest information.

What is the process of purchasing a property at below market value?

This is easy, the first step is to contact us to confirm the booking, then prepare the necessary documents and deposit.

Due to the limited number of units available, only investors who submitted completed documents and deposits will be locked in our system.

Why bulk purchase property is cheaper than market value?

Please imagine the price difference when you purchase a drink in a convenience store compared to a supermarket.

As we know, property is not cheap, it is impossible to buy in bulk, so we need an intermediary to organize a buying group or so call bulk purchasing. Let us handle this. We will negotiate a bulk purchase deal and then sell each unit to our investors as much as 40% below market value.

What documents do I need to make a booking?

Our sales consultant will assist you. Just talk with them.

Why property developer today offer more discounts than 10 years ago?

As we know, the pandemic is causing many developers to have more unsold property supplies at their fingertips (more supplies than demands), in order to move onto another project, they are ready to make less profit and lower the price by up to 50%.

If you compare it to 5 or 10 years ago, most developers offer just 10% to 15% bulk purchase discount.

Where can I find more information about properties below market value?

Feel free to contact us if you cannot find your answer on our website or on social networks.